Thursday, January 24, 2019

Custodail Leads #1232

School Superintendency Union #29
Lee-Tyringham, Massachusetts

Vacancy #1232

Lee Public Schools has the following position(s) available for April, May, & June 2019.

Custodial Leads

For the following roles:

1-   Custodial Lead (CL) at Lee Middle/High School
1-   Custodial Lead (CL) at Lee Elementary School
1-   Custodial Lead (CL) of District Maintenance

·         Recognizing that the current Facilities Director is retiring at the end of March 2019, this posting is an alternative management model that will be enacted on a trial basis for the remainder of fiscal year 2019. 

·         This limited assignment will occur beginning in the last week of March, and continuing through April, May and June of 2019.
·         The Superintendent and School Committee will determine whether this management model will continue into fiscal year 2020, or if alternative models of management/leadership will be pursued on/after July 1, 2019.  

·         Current custodial employees are eligible to apply.
·         If awarded the position, all CLs will agree to participate in human resources training (management, communication, supervision – etc.) prior to start date.
·         All CLs will commit to completing all current work assignments in addition to the CL responsibilities as detailed below.
·         Must have ability to communicate with varying stakeholders including students, parents, staff, and community members.
·         Must be able to facilitate a highly functional team, with strong communication skills, ability to proactively problem solve with a degree of flexibility to respond to facilities and personnel needs as they arise.

·         $2000 for each CL as stipend for duration of assignment.

Expectations of Custodial Leads:
Primary expectations:
·         Completion of daily work assigned as currently exist.
·         CLs will meet once per week (as a team) to discuss work priorities, challenges, questions, events ahead.  CLs will also meet with their building principal once per week.
·         Management of staff (Building CLs will have two each, Maintenance CL will have 1).
o   Once (minimally) daily meetings with staff
o   Scheduling of staff (including subs, coverage, overtime) Note:  A calendar will be maintained and supported through the business department
o   Daily work assignments and task priorities
o   Daily inspection of assigned facility to ensure safety, security, and cleanliness
o   Open communication and conflict resolution
·         Supplies and ordering: In concert with Principal and Business Office (approved), to ensure ongoing needs are met.
o   Equipment.  Maintenance lead will retain an asset inventory that includes PM and renewal/replacement cycle.
·         Building Use:  CLs will manage building and grounds use including requests for facilities access, assignment and coverage, security, and billing.
·         Vendors & Town:  Will serve as liaison with appropriate vendors who support maintenance systems, capital projects, and purchasing – as well as Town employees (e.g. - inspector, fire, DPW).
·         Emergency Planning:  CLs will serve as building leads to the Emergency Planning Team as directed by school principals.
·         Inspections/Compliance/Training:  As occurs during the limited time of this assignment, CLs will work with their supervisor and appropriate external agencies, organizations, and vendors to support any necessary inspections, compliance actions, or training of staff. 
·         On call emergencies:  CLs will be first point of contact for emergencies that need attention during or outside of school hours.
·         Quality Control:  CLs will ensure that work is being delivered at a high degree of quality with attention to detail that reflects a high standard and level of pride.
·         All other duties as assigned by Superintendent of Schools
Supporting expectations:
·         Budget:  CLs are expected to work with the Business Administrator to review and monitor budgets.
·         Capital Planning:  While planning should be well under way by March, it is expected support for Capital Planning will be ongoing through the balance of the fiscal year.
·         Evaluation: CLs will not directly evaluate staff (their reports) this will be done by building principals. Issues related to performance, attitude or ongoing conflict will be reported by the CLs to the Principals.
·         CLs will report to the building principals, with additional reporting functions to the Superintendent of Schools and Business Administrator.  

Please address all correspondences to Superintendent H. Jake Eberwein, Ed.D. and mail to:

 Lee Public Schools Superintendent Office
Attn: B. Bianco
300 Greylock Street
Lee, MA  01238

Application can be downloaded at

The Lee Public Schools comply with all federal and state laws prohibiting discrimination in hiring or employment practices. The Lee Public Schools does not discriminate based upon race, color, national origin, sex, handicap, religion and/or sexual orientation.

POST:                               January 24, 2019
REMOVE:                          When filled